So I took a little apartment in a brownstone on the corner of State and Congress, settled myself down, and prepared for law school.

I’m good at playing house. My mother’s family are antiques dealers. I was raised on Shaker furniture. It has an effect on one’s aesthetic. My furniture is oak and pine. My tchatchkes are the result of years of culling auction catalogs and yard sales and going at 6AM to shop the flea. I try to keep only the best pieces, but still I feel like I’ve nested a bit more than the average young bachelor. Somewhere between Myst and Riven there is an Age for me.

Centered in it all is my computer, which is a quad core (22nm) currently clocking 4.4ghz, 32gb ram times 9-9-9-27, a 3GB graphics card with 1728 upstream processors and a 1200khz core, 128GB flash drive for booting and 12TB platter storage, a 27” monitor that’s bigger than any TV I’ve ever owned, and a webcam that could shoot an IMAX movie. I also have headphones which make Marnie Stern sound like she’s doing pixie sticks off my eardrums. And an Asus Infinity tablet with keypad. And a Nokia Lumia 1020 that Jesus Christ.

In my bedroom is my new Beautyrest Black which actually causes me to get sleep. In the kitchen is a NeuroFuzzy surrounded by random yardsale pieces of Le Creuset. And hanging from the wall – from a repurposed $4 guitar-hook – is my bicycle.


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