My name is David Axel Kurtz. I am unattached, unencumbered, overeducated, underwhelmed, healthy and wise and not quite wealthy enough.  I am 27 years old: I am a modern young man; Ishmael like a motherfucker; /me waves hi.

This coming summer, I think I want to bike across America. This present winter-and-spring, I’d like to blog about that want.

This little site is not meant to tell a story. I have no idea what the end will be or how the middle shall find me; a beginning, then, seems presumptuous. I don’t want to impose anything upon this trip. Not even on the planning of it. No. I shall suffer from enough constraints. The rules of the world shall be rules enough for me. They will make it hard; they will make me think of how to make it easy; emergent gameplay & the sweat is real. I want to start East and head West. That’s all. 

Maybe… let me throw down a few paragraphs about who I am. A bit of honest exposition, concise as I can manage. Leading up however well to the fellow who wants to take this trip. 


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