I have committed to finishing this semester. This because: one reason: I am a stubborn son of a bitch. I committed to it. I paid for it. I’m going to see it through.

So little do I think of it, and so much I hate it, that any thoughts about its utility to me are thrown deep into the shadows. Moreover, that I doubt even a clear head would think it useful. However deep they’re cast, I must cast them deeper.

I have one goal and one goal only: make it through the semester. Keep going to class. Keep paying attention. Keep doing the readings – as little as I can get away with. Make it through the semester. Just keep through.

To get me through the semester I shall do whatever I must. If that is watch television I shall do it. If that is go out to the theater than I shall. The gym as much as I am able. A book if I can stomach it, here and there. All subsumed beneath one goal: get through. Get through.

And one thing above all, I think, shall get me through. And that is the idea that, come May 9th, I will be able to get on my bike.


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