& there are a thousand other routes to dream of. And no doubt I shall. I like dreaming, about maps, bikes, doing.

Nova Scotia? PEI? The Eastern Trail? The Western, from Seattle to Cabo? How about going down the Great Divide, following the Rockies? How about south to Tierra del Fuego, or Lisbon to Port Arthur, pole to pole?

Some of these dreams might be practical for this summer, or the days leading up to it, or the schooldays after. Maybe for the next summer, or some other summer. Maybe for the break between semesters. Some that might not be practical this summer at all – foreign travel, grand audax and the like. And some of it, if I were to choose not to go back to school in the fall, but just bike away.

I do not think that this latter is a likely option. But a man can dream. This man, he need to dream. Of options. To keep from doing, he needs to know he can.


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