The Multitool

The Crank Brothers Multi-19 multitool.

This is their best – and, based on my research some two years ago, *the* best – non-professional multitool now available.

Let’s just say it has everything the body needs… and then some.

For this great trek, I was tempted to buy a new tool – such as the Crank Pica, which has the same tools except they have an indexing feature (whereby the tools lock into place). A nice benefit, and if I were to buy the tools over again I might go for this omega of bike tools. But:

1) The difference is really not worth $35

2) There’s no practical difference at all

3) The 19 tools included in this multi are already at least 15 more than I’ll likely ever, ever, ever need.

Which brings me to the meta-observation:

The goal of this trip isn’t to throw money at it. It’s to do it.

Must remember that.




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