A summer-of-bikes in northeastern Canada:


Portland to PEI vie Nova Scotia:

(and then home… total: 2500 miles)

achievements unlocked: the coast of Maine; circumnavigating Nova Scotia and PEI; return trip powahhhh


circumnavigating New Brunswick, Labrador

(and then home… 3500 miles)

including a ferry from Kageshka to Blanc-Sablon


biking all the hell over Newfoundland:

(1500 miles self-inclusive)


Biking from Portland, Maine to Halifax, Nova Scotia; then around New Brunswick and to Quebec; then up to the end of the line at Kafeshka; then all the hell over Newfoundland; then up to the very tippy-top of Labrador; then down past that lake that looks really cool on Google Maps, back through Quebec, and home…


7500 miles

at a good clip, that is 2 1/2 months of riding. A rider in even fair shape could complete this route in a single summer.

And one will, in one swoop, have seen the entirety of maritime Canada.



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