I will probably be burning through tires like a high-speed drill through a necrotic molar (YO YO CRYPTROLLIN UP IN HERR), & as a result, I decided not to get overly nerdy on this subject either. Yet I did a fair amount of homework, & decided that the options available to me at my local bike shop were perfectly adequate, & undoubtedly shall serve me well.

I will be riding on Specialized’s 2014 All-Condition Armadillo Elite tires (700×28 presta).

The AC Armadillo E’s are heavy-duty tires for all-weather touring; they are boasted as being the most flat-resistant tires on God’s pavement-black Earth. They wear slowly. They ride excellently. And they are foldable Kevlar tires so that I can easily ride with a backup pair – already ordered.

This shall also be the first timeĀ ever that I have ridden with road tires (“slicks”), & so I rather expect that the experience is going to be nigh-on religious, regardless of other considerations.


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