As previously alluded to, the biggest gap between my bicycle and a thing which can be toured upon, is its wheels. To remedy this: new wheels.

I did not take this opportunity to nerd out quite to the extent that I did over some of the other components of my bicycle & choices made. In part because of the extreme nerd-outitry available: with frames it was either “the bike I own or an LHT/520,” with wheels it is “the kaleidoscopic myriad of all options, squared and cubed and rounded to the sky.”

…which would hardly daunt me, except that I feel that I lack context to appreciate any of the options available to me. I have little enough context when it comes to frames or saddles. When it comes to wheels? Wheels for touring? None. I am only-an-egg. Such questions I shall better answer on the far side of this wanderjahr, when I have had so much context that I can barely stand up.

& so I yielded to the advice of the pros at my bike shop (tempered only slightly by confirm their recommendations by means of some internets). And here’s what I ordered:

700c Shimano LX rims, 3x-laced 36 spoke (DT Champion 2.0mm), Velocity Road hubs

They should be here next Friday.

I cannot wait 🙂


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