Have decided to take a caesura.

My bad luck to be stuck by bad weather (temps in the 40s, rain in the buckets, wind in the Aeolian-anger range) and also stuck in Buffalo, (which is the armpit of the universe – but more specifically is a City wherein one cannot Pitch Tent). This would have required me to pay Niagara-Falls-on-Mem-Day-Weekend prices for hotels. To wait out the bad weather was going to cost me hundreds, up to a thousand dollars. So, ah… NO.

I just caught the train back to Maine – $31! – and am going to wait for the weather to improve.
Also, I am going to rethink several aspects of the trip. Logistics. Routes. How to make it more affordable. How to see more. How to go farther, easier. How to make it more, in short: FUN.

I will be blogging on this subject at length over the next few days. I need to rethink much of the trip. So as to make Version 2.0 workable – and more pleasurable.

It is a bit disappointing, but hey – I made it 600 miles. I consider this an excellent first draft. Or better yet, a short story, upon whose success a novel can be built.

(Also I might get my ankle x-ray’d b/c ouch.)

600 miles over 12 days. Cumberland County, ME to Ontario, CA. Not bad.

Next one’ll be better.


Day 13

Off to Ontario, turned back by wind and weather.

Ankle getting worse.

Might have to sit out for a few days.

Day 12

Made it to Buffalo. #notdead

Very bad weather. 46 degrees at midday. Not counting windchill. Cold wind, coming right at me; strong, tire-shudders, pseudo-uphill, legs burn as they shiver. Spitting rain, black clouds. Sunless.

Road conditions poor. Canalway muddy, oily. Roads are rustbeltways, speeding trucks, no shoulders *at all*. Gravel in the road. Broken glass…

Hid under bridges, overpasses. No place to pitch a tent. Concrete. Concrete.

The ride into the city was the most terrifying few miles I’ve ever seen. Burned houses, touts on the corners, stumblers and slingers, sirens, flashing lights… snapped rooftrees, towers fallen. Buffalo Nadir.

Did not dare stop.

In a warm bed now. Not planning on moving for a time.

Earache. Expected. Can bike over it. Sore lungs – a little hard on the deep breaths. Either a little cold or ribs sore from riding. Can bike over it.

But my right ankle pains me, this is troubling.

No mechanical difficulties. Hanno drives ever forward.

Weather looks bad for days. Cannot stay here another night; this, all hotels full for memorial day weekend.

It is either forward into the rain, or forward by train, or backward by plane.

No option much appeals.

…i shall sleep on it, & see how I feel when warm and rested.

Day 11 pt 2

Made it to Rochester via train. Clear skies! Ahhhh.

Scared the shit out of some Amish by speaking Dutch to them. Almost as badly scared as when I did it to Dutch people.

Convinced the hotel desk clerk that I, like him, am an evangelical Christian fundamentalist. He upgraded me to a suite with jacuzzi. PRAISE BE TO CHRIST.

Am checked into this hotel under the name Billy Pilgrim.


Day 11

Made it to Syracuse. Weather terrible. Looks to remain so. For days.

Ugly riding. Ugly.

As such: am hopping the train to Rochester, where the forecast is brighter. 80 miles of cheating… Instead of 4 days in a motel.

Hope to hit Niagara Falls tomorrow, then cross into Canada and start The Great Burn to Hagen’s house.

But now: waiting for a train.