The Rack



My bicycle frame does not have eyelets or braze-ons. It is also carbon, & oddly-shaped carbon at that.

As a result, mounting racks or panniers is what we in the cycling world refer to as “a MOTHERFUCKER.”

There are really three options out there:

1) A rack such as some Thule models which pressure-clamp to the seatpost.

2) A rack such as some TimBuk2 pannier mounts, wherein you clamp an eyelet’d mount onto the frame, and then mount your rack thereunto.

3) an Old Man Mountain rack, which mounts to one’s cantilever breaks as if they were eyelets.


The problem with #1 is that I do not, not, not trust such a thing over 5- or even 10,000 miles.

The problem with #2 is much the same as #1 – PRO: more secure when all is working right, CON: more parts, more intermediaries, and so more things to go wrong

There is no problem with #3, and so that’s what I is buying.


I decided to mess with the best, and picked up the Pioneer rack from OMM. It is their heaviest-dutiest of racks. It can carry seventy pounds of stuff, which means it will prove terribly useful in case I ever need to transport three sick huskies and/or a keg of small ale. Which, y’know… forseeability.


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