Long day.

Left Concord at 730, heading west. Aiming for Brattleboro, some 78 miles away.

Hills. Immediately: hills. Muscles slow, sluggish. Hard to warm up on the mountains of New Hampshire. Slow going.

Began to mist around 11. Cold, clammy, but workable.

By 1: rain. Driving rain. Then thunderstorms. Had to stop. Hide under a stand of pine-trees. Erect my tent. Climb in. Change into dry clothing. Then wait, hours, until the rain stopped.

Feels rather claustrophobic, when you’re stuck in a coffin and can’t go out of it. Y’know?

Half felt I’d have to spend the night there. It was only 1PM. I was, and have been generally for the last several days, too tired to read. Can barely write (fortunately writing for me is like a brainstem twitch, & so, gentle readers, this semi-conscious ramble Right Here.) 24 hours unable to stand, to talk to anyone, to do anything…

Rain stopped. Got on my way.

Intermittent rain. No sun. Hills, hills. Incredible grades. Slowest going. 530: pulled into Kenne, NH. Had gone 55 miles and THAT WAS IT.

It is graduation weekend at Keene State. All hotels are full. Managed to find a suite at the downtown Mariott. Am currently in a king-sized bed wearing a terrycloth bathrobe. Tomorrow I shall be back in cycling shorts.

Will revisit this and all other subjects after a good night’s sleep. For the nonce: it is 8PM. Time to SLEEP!


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