Day 6 (morning)

12 hours sleep is magic-working.

As are 4 showers. (Let met tell you, the water pressure here does *not* fuck about).

&: eating! Finally finished off my Big Sky granola. I think I have been getting not *nearly* enough in the way of calories. Like, yesterday I compute I got 1800 or so. Whereas I probably burned 8000. So… yeah. Remind me to eat, like, a whole lot more. Constantly. FOREVER.

In short; feel much better. In short: feel rather wonderful.

I swore, last night, that I would not leave this hotel-room before noon. It is 9:30 and I am rather jonesin’ to go. Might take one more shower (or 2) (or 37), pack up my gear, and go explore Keene for a while. Perhaps also to stop at a generis camp-goods store or two, and buy more Stuff Sacks. It does not seem that one may ever have enough of such things. & I am well, well shy of that amount.

Then it’s back on the road. 25 miles to Brattleboro, and The House Of KBrevs. Gonna see Lindsay perform in the NECCA graduation show! Also in residence are planned: one Bera, one Krellenstein. Cross-country road trip or college reunion? (As if Hampshire really has reunions…)

Alright, time to get my bungee-cording on. Much love, internets.



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