Daydreams: Summer Likelies



1] Likelies that begin at my verydoor


:daytrip to Brunswick:

:::50mi RT

:daytrip to Sebago Lake State Mark:

:::65mi RT

}Multiday trips

:PTL to Acadia:

:::150mi 1W

:PTL to Campobello Island:

:::250mi 1W

:PTL to St. John via Campobello: add and to the above

:::250 + 38 + 16 = 304 miles 1W… there’s a point where you have to run across the highway. But this seems to be local convention (presume it’s for snowmobiles).

:::Could be a one-way trip that begins, or ends, in StJ

:PTL to the White Mountains and back:

:::137mi RT

:PTL through the White Mountains and back: add to the above

:::add a 78-mile loop to the above

:PTL to Burlington:

:::200mi 1W

:PTL to MTL:

:::255mi 1W (three days)

:PTL to Presque Isle:

:::300mi 1W (four days)

:Fort McClary to Fort Kent (the “whole Maine”):

:425mi 1W (six days)

1:1 Meadowlark: Likelies that begin in York, ME

:Mt. Agamenticus:

:::14mi RT

:Ogunquit Loop:
:::22mi L
:::25mi L
:Portsmouth Loop:
:::40mi L

1:1 FNH: Likelies that begin in Portsmouth, NH

:FNH to Keene:

:::93mi 1W

1:1 MBTA: Likelies that begin in Boston (or purple-line-accessible places)

:Plymouth to Provincetown:


1:1 MTL – Likelies that begin in Montreal

:MTL to QC and back, on both banks of the Saint Laurence:

:::350mi RT

::::::but you’d want to spend a day going around the Ile d’Orleans

1:1 QC – Likelies that begin in Quebec City

:QC to Dalhousie via Gaspe:

:::660 miles 1W, along the St. Laurence and then the Atlantic

:QC to St. Anthony, Newfoundland:

:::600mi north along the St. Laurence; ferry-hopping straight to Newfie



I am going to use this website – and dear, dear GoogleMaps – to daydream out some cyclotour routes.

First I will develop a system of labeling them. If only for easy searching.

I am currently stationed in Portland, Maine, USA.

This yeah, I am essentially free from 10 May to 20 August – (100) Days Of Summer.

Next year, I might very well be free FOREVER AND A DAY.

So: let’s daydream. Two tire style.


I’m going to divide this list into four sections.

The first section are SUMMER LIKELIES. These begin in Portland (or in a place easily and cheaply accessible from Portland) and are short enough that I could undertake them without wholly neglecting familial duties (my girlfriend is pretty!).

So that’s a 1 for short duration, and a 1 for feasibly starting location.

The second section are SUMMER DISTANTS. These are 1 for short duration, but 0 for feasible start loc.

The third are SOJOURNS. These are 0 for short, but 1 for starting in Portland.

The fourth are ADVENTURES. These are long and far away – 0:0.

Let’s dream.


Over the course of a very cold winter, I acquired some new gear. Some of it is cycling gear without any other use. Some is stuff I bought for the gym or whatnot, which I am sure I shall get milage out of as I while the miles away.

Here’s a brief review of my cycling and touring equipage:

THE BIKE: Hanno, a 2011 CruX Expert Carbon

Everything is stock except:

the wheels (Velocity Dyads, 36-spoke)

the tires (All-Condition Armadillo Elites with kevlar bead)

the rack (Old Man Mountain Pioneer)

the brifters (2011 SRAM Apex were defective – broke after about 5000k. Replaced with 2014 Apex at no cost. IMPROVEMENT CITY)

Since my last tour, I’ve made some improvements to my setup.

-a small saddlebag (contains my multitool, tire tools, patch kits, chain lube)

-a triangle bag (left side: lock, pump, spare set of lights; right side: battery pack, leatherman, gorillapod)

-a camelbak (moccasins, jersey, sunglasses, FFGs, wallet, kindle, carbon binocs, bug spray, sunscreen… and 100cl water)

-I put my phone (which is also my camera) in an otterbox with a holster. I clip the holster to the chest strap of the camelbak. This lets me pull out my camera (and phone) (and gps) (and Magic Googling Machine) any time I want… then put it away whenever i want. Very enjoy. Much favorable.

-i don’t tour with cooking supplies. nuts, dried fruits, granola, interspersed with the occasional hot meal by the roadside.

As a result, my rear rack contains only:

-sleeping bag

-sleeping pad


-tent poles (strapped to outside, b/c long and pointy)

-spare spokes (in with the tent poles)

-spare tubes, cleats, brake pads, master links


-quick-dry towel

-soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

-bacitracin, bandage, few band-aids

-duct tape. because, duct tape.

…and even here, I’d say 25% of the Stuff is in the category of Luxury Items. I don’t need a kindle. I don’t need a mattress pad. I sure don’t need binoculars.

Hanno, with rack and All Dressed, weighs something like 19 pounds.

My full kit, minus food and water, weighs less than that.

#ultralight forever.


Good morning Internets.

I have not updated This Little Blog Of Mine in almost a year. Here’s what happened between the seasons:

JUNE OF ’14: Got back from my abortive Northern Tier. Flew directly to Florida to visit dying grandmother. Laid her to rest.

JULY: At the funeral, hung out with some cousins-by-marriage who work at an orphanage in South Africa. As a result, caught the devil’s own case of hoof-and-mouth disease. Spent the better part of the month convalescing.

AUGUST: Went riding after a torrential rainstorm. Hit a pothole of… well, all I can say is that it must have been >622mm in diameter. Because it swallowed by front tire, bringing the front of my bike to a sudden and complete stop. The rear of my bike, however, was perfectly okay to keep going. I ended up with four bruised ribs. AKA “August ’12 Revisited”

SEPTEMBER: Law school! Did a little weekend riding, some afternoon delight. Nothing audaxious.

OCTOBER-MARCH: THE LONGEST WINTER. Gym-going, some snowshoeing… and a whole lot of case-briefing.

LATE MARCH: Blew out my knee skiing.  >.<

3 APRIL: The first day in six months where it has been fit to ride. Crested fifty degrees, and dry roads! Did fifteen miles through South Portland and Cape Elizabeth, including a wee bit of hill-climbing. Then went home and iced my knee, because ow.

SINCE THEN: Freezing. Raining. And this morning: THREE INCHES OF SNOW.

…in short, it has not been the best twelvemonth for biking.

But I had a few good rides. I remember the 45-degree air as I rode west from Kennebunkport, the first time I ever rode out in the morning without knowing that I’d be home in the evening. I remember the sun shining on me on the Erie Canal… for about 6 hours. I remember laying our bikes on the beach at Cousins Island and then lying on the docks, bobbing on the waves, being anointed by melted sun. I remember beating back and forth around Back Bay at midnight, doing ten laps at speed (~25mi) on a high-speed road that was closed to repairs, both lanes all to myself. I remember taking the East Coast Greenway to Biddeford and back just to try a new coffeeshop. I remember a dozen trips to Cape Elizabeth in the shimmering sun. I remember strapping eight thousand pages of textbook to my rear rack for the first week of school. I remember finally giving in and deflating my tires for the winter… six weeks before Thanksgiving.

Call me Daxelkurtz. Having plenty of money in my purse and a marked inability to find what else to occupy my time… I think this summer I’d like to find some new things to remember. One downstroke at a time.