Good morning Internets.

I have not updated This Little Blog Of Mine in almost a year. Here’s what happened between the seasons:

JUNE OF ’14: Got back from my abortive Northern Tier. Flew directly to Florida to visit dying grandmother. Laid her to rest.

JULY: At the funeral, hung out with some cousins-by-marriage who work at an orphanage in South Africa. As a result, caught the devil’s own case of hoof-and-mouth disease. Spent the better part of the month convalescing.

AUGUST: Went riding after a torrential rainstorm. Hit a pothole of… well, all I can say is that it must have been >622mm in diameter. Because it swallowed by front tire, bringing the front of my bike to a sudden and complete stop. The rear of my bike, however, was perfectly okay to keep going. I ended up with four bruised ribs. AKA “August ’12 Revisited”

SEPTEMBER: Law school! Did a little weekend riding, some afternoon delight. Nothing audaxious.

OCTOBER-MARCH: THE LONGEST WINTER. Gym-going, some snowshoeing… and a whole lot of case-briefing.

LATE MARCH: Blew out my knee skiing.  >.<

3 APRIL: The first day in six months where it has been fit to ride. Crested fifty degrees, and dry roads! Did fifteen miles through South Portland and Cape Elizabeth, including a wee bit of hill-climbing. Then went home and iced my knee, because ow.

SINCE THEN: Freezing. Raining. And this morning: THREE INCHES OF SNOW.

…in short, it has not been the best twelvemonth for biking.

But I had a few good rides. I remember the 45-degree air as I rode west from Kennebunkport, the first time I ever rode out in the morning without knowing that I’d be home in the evening. I remember the sun shining on me on the Erie Canal… for about 6 hours. I remember laying our bikes on the beach at Cousins Island and then lying on the docks, bobbing on the waves, being anointed by melted sun. I remember beating back and forth around Back Bay at midnight, doing ten laps at speed (~25mi) on a high-speed road that was closed to repairs, both lanes all to myself. I remember taking the East Coast Greenway to Biddeford and back just to try a new coffeeshop. I remember a dozen trips to Cape Elizabeth in the shimmering sun. I remember strapping eight thousand pages of textbook to my rear rack for the first week of school. I remember finally giving in and deflating my tires for the winter… six weeks before Thanksgiving.

Call me Daxelkurtz. Having plenty of money in my purse and a marked inability to find what else to occupy my time… I think this summer I’d like to find some new things to remember. One downstroke at a time.


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