Daydreams: Summer Likelies



1] Likelies that begin at my verydoor


:daytrip to Brunswick:

:::50mi RT

:daytrip to Sebago Lake State Mark:

:::65mi RT

}Multiday trips

:PTL to Acadia:

:::150mi 1W

:PTL to Campobello Island:

:::250mi 1W

:PTL to St. John via Campobello: add and to the above

:::250 + 38 + 16 = 304 miles 1W… there’s a point where you have to run across the highway. But this seems to be local convention (presume it’s for snowmobiles).

:::Could be a one-way trip that begins, or ends, in StJ

:PTL to the White Mountains and back:

:::137mi RT

:PTL through the White Mountains and back: add to the above

:::add a 78-mile loop to the above

:PTL to Burlington:

:::200mi 1W

:PTL to MTL:

:::255mi 1W (three days)

:PTL to Presque Isle:

:::300mi 1W (four days)

:Fort McClary to Fort Kent (the “whole Maine”):

:425mi 1W (six days)

1:1 Meadowlark: Likelies that begin in York, ME

:Mt. Agamenticus:

:::14mi RT

:Ogunquit Loop:
:::22mi L
:::25mi L
:Portsmouth Loop:
:::40mi L

1:1 FNH: Likelies that begin in Portsmouth, NH

:FNH to Keene:

:::93mi 1W

1:1 MBTA: Likelies that begin in Boston (or purple-line-accessible places)

:Plymouth to Provincetown:


1:1 MTL – Likelies that begin in Montreal

:MTL to QC and back, on both banks of the Saint Laurence:

:::350mi RT

::::::but you’d want to spend a day going around the Ile d’Orleans

1:1 QC – Likelies that begin in Quebec City

:QC to Dalhousie via Gaspe:

:::660 miles 1W, along the St. Laurence and then the Atlantic

:QC to St. Anthony, Newfoundland:

:::600mi north along the St. Laurence; ferry-hopping straight to Newfie


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