I am going to use this website – and dear, dear GoogleMaps – to daydream out some cyclotour routes.

First I will develop a system of labeling them. If only for easy searching.

I am currently stationed in Portland, Maine, USA.

This yeah, I am essentially free from 10 May to 20 August – (100) Days Of Summer.

Next year, I might very well be free FOREVER AND A DAY.

So: let’s daydream. Two tire style.


I’m going to divide this list into four sections.

The first section are SUMMER LIKELIES. These begin in Portland (or in a place easily and cheaply accessible from Portland) and are short enough that I could undertake them without wholly neglecting familial duties (my girlfriend is pretty!).

So that’s a 1 for short duration, and a 1 for feasibly starting location.

The second section are SUMMER DISTANTS. These are 1 for short duration, but 0 for feasible start loc.

The third are SOJOURNS. These are 0 for short, but 1 for starting in Portland.

The fourth are ADVENTURES. These are long and far away – 0:0.

Let’s dream.


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