Last summer’s tour had three annoying things. One, it was rainy and cold. Two, there was nowhere to pitch a tent. Three… the tent.

It’s a great tent. Lightweight, small volume, low wind profile, easy setup… and only slightly larger than the body inside of it. MINUSCULE.

Part of the problem was that I had inefficient storage, especially at the early stages. So I had to share the tent with my stuff when it was raining. And it was *always* raining.

Part of the problem was that I kept camping in sketchy-ass places where there was no room to stretch one’s legs. Not exactly the edge of mountain lakes. I had to be inside of the tent. For such circumstances, a small tent is a bad choice.

As a result, for short jaunts (when the weather can be assured) I am going to using a hammock instead.



-Excellent bug netting.

-Very small packing volume. Comes with its own stuff-sack.

-Lightweight; lighter than my tent.

-Lighter still, because I won’t have to bring my mattress pad.

-Easy to set up. Easy to stow.

-Easier to find places to set up. This is a big one. Because finding an 8×4 bit of clear flat ground is tough, finding two trees in New England is nontough. Basically you just need a 100×100 patch of forest and you’re good. WHICH WE GOT.


-No rain guard. (But if I decide I like it, I can carry a spare piece of tarp. Problem, I think, solved.)

-Not as heat efficient. However… Maine in the summer.

-Not windproof. But A) if you’re sleeping among the trees, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue, B) sleeping bag /is/.

-Requires trees. However… Maine.

Basically it is not going to be a good set-up for cold- (or even nonwarm-)weather camping. Nor for camping in places that are lacking in trees, both for purposes of suspension and windbreak.

However, for summer overnights and short tours in New England… I think it’ll work.



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