Daydreams: Summer Likelies



1] Likelies that begin at my verydoor


:daytrip to Brunswick:

:::50mi RT

:daytrip to Sebago Lake State Mark:

:::65mi RT

}Multiday trips

:PTL to Acadia:

:::150mi 1W

:PTL to Campobello Island:

:::250mi 1W

:PTL to St. John via Campobello: add and to the above

:::250 + 38 + 16 = 304 miles 1W… there’s a point where you have to run across the highway. But this seems to be local convention (presume it’s for snowmobiles).

:::Could be a one-way trip that begins, or ends, in StJ

:PTL to the White Mountains and back:

:::137mi RT

:PTL through the White Mountains and back: add to the above

:::add a 78-mile loop to the above

:PTL to Burlington:

:::200mi 1W

:PTL to MTL:

:::255mi 1W (three days)

:PTL to Presque Isle:

:::300mi 1W (four days)

:Fort McClary to Fort Kent (the “whole Maine”):

:425mi 1W (six days)

1:1 Meadowlark: Likelies that begin in York, ME

:Mt. Agamenticus:

:::14mi RT

:Ogunquit Loop:
:::22mi L
:::25mi L
:Portsmouth Loop:
:::40mi L

1:1 FNH: Likelies that begin in Portsmouth, NH

:FNH to Keene:

:::93mi 1W

1:1 MBTA: Likelies that begin in Boston (or purple-line-accessible places)

:Plymouth to Provincetown:


1:1 MTL – Likelies that begin in Montreal

:MTL to QC and back, on both banks of the Saint Laurence:

:::350mi RT

::::::but you’d want to spend a day going around the Ile d’Orleans

1:1 QC – Likelies that begin in Quebec City

:QC to Dalhousie via Gaspe:

:::660 miles 1W, along the St. Laurence and then the Atlantic

:QC to St. Anthony, Newfoundland:

:::600mi north along the St. Laurence; ferry-hopping straight to Newfie



I am going to use this website – and dear, dear GoogleMaps – to daydream out some cyclotour routes.

First I will develop a system of labeling them. If only for easy searching.

I am currently stationed in Portland, Maine, USA.

This yeah, I am essentially free from 10 May to 20 August – (100) Days Of Summer.

Next year, I might very well be free FOREVER AND A DAY.

So: let’s daydream. Two tire style.


I’m going to divide this list into four sections.

The first section are SUMMER LIKELIES. These begin in Portland (or in a place easily and cheaply accessible from Portland) and are short enough that I could undertake them without wholly neglecting familial duties (my girlfriend is pretty!).

So that’s a 1 for short duration, and a 1 for feasibly starting location.

The second section are SUMMER DISTANTS. These are 1 for short duration, but 0 for feasible start loc.

The third are SOJOURNS. These are 0 for short, but 1 for starting in Portland.

The fourth are ADVENTURES. These are long and far away – 0:0.

Let’s dream.


Over the course of a very cold winter, I acquired some new gear. Some of it is cycling gear without any other use. Some is stuff I bought for the gym or whatnot, which I am sure I shall get milage out of as I while the miles away.

Here’s a brief review of my cycling and touring equipage:

THE BIKE: Hanno, a 2011 CruX Expert Carbon

Everything is stock except:

the wheels (Velocity Dyads, 36-spoke)

the tires (All-Condition Armadillo Elites with kevlar bead)

the rack (Old Man Mountain Pioneer)

the brifters (2011 SRAM Apex were defective – broke after about 5000k. Replaced with 2014 Apex at no cost. IMPROVEMENT CITY)

Since my last tour, I’ve made some improvements to my setup.

-a small saddlebag (contains my multitool, tire tools, patch kits, chain lube)

-a triangle bag (left side: lock, pump, spare set of lights; right side: battery pack, leatherman, gorillapod)

-a camelbak (moccasins, jersey, sunglasses, FFGs, wallet, kindle, carbon binocs, bug spray, sunscreen… and 100cl water)

-I put my phone (which is also my camera) in an otterbox with a holster. I clip the holster to the chest strap of the camelbak. This lets me pull out my camera (and phone) (and gps) (and Magic Googling Machine) any time I want… then put it away whenever i want. Very enjoy. Much favorable.

-i don’t tour with cooking supplies. nuts, dried fruits, granola, interspersed with the occasional hot meal by the roadside.

As a result, my rear rack contains only:

-sleeping bag

-sleeping pad


-tent poles (strapped to outside, b/c long and pointy)

-spare spokes (in with the tent poles)

-spare tubes, cleats, brake pads, master links


-quick-dry towel

-soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

-bacitracin, bandage, few band-aids

-duct tape. because, duct tape.

…and even here, I’d say 25% of the Stuff is in the category of Luxury Items. I don’t need a kindle. I don’t need a mattress pad. I sure don’t need binoculars.

Hanno, with rack and All Dressed, weighs something like 19 pounds.

My full kit, minus food and water, weighs less than that.

#ultralight forever.


Good morning Internets.

I have not updated This Little Blog Of Mine in almost a year. Here’s what happened between the seasons:

JUNE OF ’14: Got back from my abortive Northern Tier. Flew directly to Florida to visit dying grandmother. Laid her to rest.

JULY: At the funeral, hung out with some cousins-by-marriage who work at an orphanage in South Africa. As a result, caught the devil’s own case of hoof-and-mouth disease. Spent the better part of the month convalescing.

AUGUST: Went riding after a torrential rainstorm. Hit a pothole of… well, all I can say is that it must have been >622mm in diameter. Because it swallowed by front tire, bringing the front of my bike to a sudden and complete stop. The rear of my bike, however, was perfectly okay to keep going. I ended up with four bruised ribs. AKA “August ’12 Revisited”

SEPTEMBER: Law school! Did a little weekend riding, some afternoon delight. Nothing audaxious.

OCTOBER-MARCH: THE LONGEST WINTER. Gym-going, some snowshoeing… and a whole lot of case-briefing.

LATE MARCH: Blew out my knee skiing.  >.<

3 APRIL: The first day in six months where it has been fit to ride. Crested fifty degrees, and dry roads! Did fifteen miles through South Portland and Cape Elizabeth, including a wee bit of hill-climbing. Then went home and iced my knee, because ow.

SINCE THEN: Freezing. Raining. And this morning: THREE INCHES OF SNOW.

…in short, it has not been the best twelvemonth for biking.

But I had a few good rides. I remember the 45-degree air as I rode west from Kennebunkport, the first time I ever rode out in the morning without knowing that I’d be home in the evening. I remember the sun shining on me on the Erie Canal… for about 6 hours. I remember laying our bikes on the beach at Cousins Island and then lying on the docks, bobbing on the waves, being anointed by melted sun. I remember beating back and forth around Back Bay at midnight, doing ten laps at speed (~25mi) on a high-speed road that was closed to repairs, both lanes all to myself. I remember taking the East Coast Greenway to Biddeford and back just to try a new coffeeshop. I remember a dozen trips to Cape Elizabeth in the shimmering sun. I remember strapping eight thousand pages of textbook to my rear rack for the first week of school. I remember finally giving in and deflating my tires for the winter… six weeks before Thanksgiving.

Call me Daxelkurtz. Having plenty of money in my purse and a marked inability to find what else to occupy my time… I think this summer I’d like to find some new things to remember. One downstroke at a time.


Have decided to take a caesura.

My bad luck to be stuck by bad weather (temps in the 40s, rain in the buckets, wind in the Aeolian-anger range) and also stuck in Buffalo, (which is the armpit of the universe – but more specifically is a City wherein one cannot Pitch Tent). This would have required me to pay Niagara-Falls-on-Mem-Day-Weekend prices for hotels. To wait out the bad weather was going to cost me hundreds, up to a thousand dollars. So, ah… NO.

I just caught the train back to Maine – $31! – and am going to wait for the weather to improve.

Also, I am going to rethink several aspects of the trip. Logistics. Routes. How to make it more affordable. How to see more. How to go farther, easier. How to make it more, in short: FUN.

I will be blogging on this subject at length over the next few days. I need to rethink much of the trip. So as to make Version 2.0 workable – and more pleasurable.

It is a bit disappointing, but hey – I made it 600 miles. I consider this an excellent first draft. Or better yet, a short story, upon whose success a novel can be built.

(Also I might get my ankle x-ray’d b/c ouch.)

600 miles over 12 days. Cumberland County, ME to Ontario, CA. Not bad.

Next one’ll be better.

Day 12

Made it to Buffalo. #notdead

Very bad weather. 46 degrees at midday. Not counting windchill. Cold wind, coming right at me; strong, tire-shudders, pseudo-uphill, legs burn as they shiver. Spitting rain, black clouds. Sunless.

Road conditions poor. Canalway muddy, oily. Roads are rustbeltways, speeding trucks, no shoulders *at all*. Gravel in the road. Broken glass…

Hid under bridges, overpasses. No place to pitch a tent. Concrete. Concrete.

The ride into the city was the most terrifying few miles I’ve ever seen. Burned houses, touts on the corners, stumblers and slingers, sirens, flashing lights… snapped rooftrees, towers fallen. Buffalo Nadir.

Did not dare stop.

In a warm bed now. Not planning on moving for a time.

Earache. Expected. Can bike over it. Sore lungs – a little hard on the deep breaths. Either a little cold or ribs sore from riding. Can bike over it.

But my right ankle pains me, this is troubling.

No mechanical difficulties. Hanno drives ever forward.

Weather looks bad for days. Cannot stay here another night; this, all hotels full for memorial day weekend.

It is either forward into the rain, or forward by train, or backward by plane.

No option much appeals.

…i shall sleep on it, & see how I feel when warm and rested.